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Wooden v Metal Poles

Wooden vs Metal Poles – which should you choose?

Are you finding yourself in a dilemma over the seemingly endless curtain pole options? Don’t worry, we’ve put together some points to consider to help you decide which pole would be best suited for your interior.

The first and probably most obvious point to consider is the aesthetics. What style is your interior and which pole would look the best in the space? Below we discuss some interior décor styles and the pole style we would suggest in that situation…

Modern sunny living room interior design with home office workplace and sofa.


We think for the modern style interiors, a metal pole is the way to go. With its smooth, shiny surface, and glitzy; as well as minimalist finial options you’re sure to find something just right to complement your interiors.

Master bedroom details, hardwood floors, cozy and modern furniture and king size bed.


Bold and luxurious aesthetics also work well with metal poles as the metallic finish complements the curtains and soft furnishings with its lustrous elegance. Whether you prefer an understated or bold look; the choice is all yours with our wide range of metal pole finial options!

Elegant room with antique furniture home interior


We always suggest that traditional style interiors call for a wooden pole. The classic look of wooden curtain poles always works well with traditional furnishings as they won’t clash with the fabrics and are always timeless. 

Wide angle shot of modern open living room with white wooden table and grey kitchen counters in minimalistic Scandinavian design lit by sunlight, cozy space.

Relaxed, Country Style

A wooden pole is perfect for country style interiors as it helps bring in a homey and cozy feel with the natural element. The soft, neutral hues from our wooden pole ranges look great with country style soft furnishings and create an aesthetically pleasing balance when contrasting patterned fabric to a solid colour pole.

And finally…

These are just a few décor styles and you may still be feeling indecisive. If so, we have good news for you! We have just launched our new Deluxe Collection curtain pole range – Accents! 

Discover your perfect combination with the Accents Range from Renaissance – a contemporary mix of wooden curtain poles and stunning metal accessories.  Choose your 35mm or 50mm real wood pole colour, then pair from a selection of contrasting glass or metal finial designs with matching brackets and rings.

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