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Curtain Draw Rod Suppliers UK

Supplying curtain rods with style, and durability with our expertly crafted for both commercial & residential projects. 

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Rated 5.0 By Our Customers

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Discover Elegance and Precision with Renaissance Curtain Rods

Renaissance offers a refined selection of curtain rods that combine innovative design with functional excellence to complement any décor style.

Rated 5.0 By Our Customers

Why choose Renaissance?

 Renaissance sets the standard as a leading curtain rod supplier, offering:

  • Unmatched Craftsmanship: Each curtain rod is meticulously crafted for both beauty and longevity.
  • Design Versatility: A wide array of styles, from modern to classic, to perfectly match your design vision.
  • Superior Materials: Constructed using premium metals and finishes that ensure strength and aesthetic appeal.

Rated 5.0 By Our Customers

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Customer Testimonials

Hear from our happy customers

Rated 5.0 By Our Customers

“Ensuring the highest quality and functionality in every aspect of our properties is paramount. Renaissance has consistently provided us with not just products, but complete solutions that enhance both the aesthetics and performance of our living and work spaces. Their expert guidance, combined with an impressive product range, allows us to deliver exceptional value to our customers. Choosing Renaissance means choosing a partner committed to excellence and innovation in curtain hardware. It’s a decision that we continue to benefit from project after project.”

Oscar Brooks – Moda Living

“Partnering with Renaissance has been a transformative experience for La Fosse Associates. Their expertise in custom curtain solutions has dramatically enhanced the aesthetics and functionality of our office environments, contributing significantly to a workspace that reflects our commitment to quality and professionalism. Renaissance’s attention to detail, reliability, and innovative designs set them apart. Their team’s responsiveness and tailored services have ensured that our needs are met with the highest standards of excellence. We consider Renaissance an essential partner in building our brand environment”

Ollie Whiting – La Fosse

“Collaborating with Renaissance has significantly elevated the standard of our smart home installations. Their cutting-edge curtain tracks and automated systems integrate seamlessly with our technology, providing a sleek, user-friendly experience that our clients love. Renaissance not only delivers top-quality products but also brings a level of service and expertise that makes every project smoother and more efficient. Their commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in every interaction, and it’s why they are our preferred partner for window furnishings”

Dan Hart – High Tech Homes

“Renaissance really gets what we need at West Park Care. Their curtain solutions are not only practical and durable for our care settings but also add a touch of elegance. It’s great having a supplier who delivers on quality and understands our specific needs. Always a pleasure working with them.”

Tom Page – West Park Care


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