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Child Safety Product News

NEW Safe-Release™ Roman Blind Kit

Introducing our very latest Roman Blind Cassette Child Safe device – Safe-Release™ – which features a unique spring-wheel device to ensure that the chain will release to meet the 6kg testing requirement for Child Safe regulations.

Safe-Release™ is available in Roman Blind Kits or as a component with 1:4 chain control. 

1. Simply squeeze the Safe-Release spring-action wheel together with your continuous chain.

2. Then insert the wheel into the slot of the control unit – ensure the spring mechanism on the wheel is facing towards inside of the control unit and roman blind headrail.

3. Close pivot clip to secure the unit in place. Done.

Your Roman Blind will operate perfectly normally – but should the chain be subjected to a force equivalent to 6kg in weight or more, then the Safe-Release wheel will release from the Gear Housing to meet the 6kg testing requirement.

It’s so simple to reconnect. Just re-align the Safe-Release wheel together with your continuous chain and push back into place from below, your Roman Blind will be back to normal working capability.

Click the link above our latest Safe-Release™ video

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