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Case Studies

Case Study: Smart Choice

Curtains and blinds assume great importance in hospitals where they are the first line of defence against the spread of infection and assure patient privacy.

Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) commissioned a new £28million state-of-the-art development and Renaissance were selected to provide tracks for more than 100 hospital bays in the new wing. 

BRI’s commission for super-sized bays made this project quite complex because of the potential load-bearing issues. Renaissance was able to offer design advice on the quality of track that would be needed, the type of accessories and fixtures required to hold thecurtains and allow free movement, to reduce potential wear and tear and provide tracks that were curved to fit bespoke hospital bays.

Renaissance was able to supply the contractor and react very quickly by delivering the high volumes need from stock and within budget. BRI’s new hospital wing opened to great acclaim with HRH Princess Royal as a special guest.

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