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Child Safety Industry News

Child Safety Update: Dec 2020

Tragically, in the last 15 years, over 30 children are known to have died in the UK as a result of being strangled by blind chords. It was reported that in London in 2019, a two-year-old died from this cause and the BBSA’s Child Safety Working Group have recently been alerted to multiple incidents since January 2020.

Blinds might look harmless enough, but to a young child, the looped cords can be deadly if they get them caught around their neck. The latest addition to our Child Safety components is the Safe-Release™ Blind System featuring a unique spring-wheel device to ensure that the chain will release to meet the 6kg testing requirement for Child Safe regulations.

Safe-Release is available as a component or as part of a complete Roman Blind Cassette System Kit. All of our Roman Blind Kits include Child Safe devices and clear labelling and instructions for safe installation and use.

We also provide a wide range of Child Safety components to support our corded tracks in all of our Contract Solutions and Deluxe Collections and any complete kits are supplied with Child Safe devices.

Our ‘Making It Home’ retail collection of a chain operated Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds are all Child Safe approved and meet with current Child Safe Regulations.

So you can rest assured that with Renaissance, you’re in safe hands.

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