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Interior Design

2021 Colour Trend – Part 1

Pairing Pantone Pirouette + Pickled Pepper

A vibrant, refreshing combination from Pantone’s 2021 trend colours. We’ve paired these two stunning colours together and think it just works! Bringing together Pantone Pickled Pepper, a garden green that is both mildly sweet and pleasantly tangy; combining it with the tender touch of the diaphanous pink, Pantone Pirouette creates a colour scheme brimming with youthful energy and that fresh feel of nature.

We love the idea of incorporating a touch of Scandinavian design through using wooden elements, making use of natural textures and materials, alongside leafy plants to compliment the colours and to enhance the feel of nature in the space. Decorating your interiors with this colour scheme will make it feel like springtime all year round!

Renaissance has a number of products that would work well with this theme, namely the wooden poles from our Vintage range. The Vintage Range features a unique, distressed antique style of wooden curtain poles in solid beech with a variety of colour options – we think the Light Oak or Dark Oak would complement this colour palette perfectly!

We love this retro cabinet featuring ‘Pirouette’ pink and the addition of tangling, leafy plants; further conveying those retro vibes.

A slightly warmer shade of ‘Pirouette’ used on the walls, combined with an earthy-toned couch, creates the perfect, cosy atmosphere.

Accessorising with ‘Pickled Pepper’ and ‘Pirouette’ is an easy, fun and quirky way to incorporate the colours.  

Now that’s a statement piece! Who says a bath needs to be white anyway?

Soft tones and complementing décor creates a tranquil, relaxing space.

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