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Interior Design

Is Bling still a thing?

We all need a bit of glitz and glam to spice things up here and there!

Bling adds another dimension to interiors and enhances the textures around with its reflective properties. Bling is the perfect thing to add a luxurious feel to your interiors.

This bathroom setting is certainly not lacking bling! With this statement mosaic mirrored bath, it certainly adds another dimension to the room. It seems that some people just can't get enough sparkle into their lives!

Bling can come in many forms to add a touch of elegance. We love glitzy chandeliers, creating reflective light that bounces around the rooms, offsetting features and bringing life to a dull surrounding. Our polished silver curtain poles are a perfect example of bling in subtlety; of course, you could always add a crystal bead finial to turn up the bling!

So if Bling is still you’re thing, we’ve got it covered at Renaissance!

With a host of glitzy finials available – like our Clear Cut Crystal Diamond, Crackled Glass or Crystal Beads – all in a range of precious metal finishes in 19, 28, 35 and now 50mm pole diameters. Plus a variety of sparkly roller blind solutions – from the Rhinestone trim finish of Diamanté to our ever-popular Chrome Eyelets on our EYE2 range. Do you want sparkles? We’ve got them… and more!

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