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Interior Design

2021 Colour Trend – Part 2

Fall in love with Pantone’s Lava Falls red

Lava Falls red, one of Pantone’s 2021 trend colours is all the rage in interior design this year… and we love it! 

Did you know that red is the first colour that humans perceive after black and white? It’s the first colour that newborns see and the first that those suffering from temporary colour blindness after a brain injury start to see again.

Red has historically been used in interiors since right back in the Stone Age, where hunters and gatherers ground red clay to use for painting the cave walls. It has been a popular colour throughout the eras following and decorating interiors with red was thought to symbolise power, prosperity and courage, or danger and war! Being the colour that elicits the strongest reactions, it is no surprise that its symbolism can lie on both ends of the spectrum.

Different textures and colours styled correctly can turn a room from dull to adventurous with just a few accessories!

This is a great example of how red walls can be used without being too overpowering. The complementing and subtle furnishings with the addition of plants tone down the impact of the red wall and create a refreshing atmosphere.

The Royal seal of approval… Lava Falls Red as seen in the stunning Buckingham Palace throne room!

The throne room of Buckingham Palace is one example of the colour red used (in significant quantities) and with a striking impact; surely symbolizing royalty.

Decorating your interiors with this fiery, bold hue will help to bring a vibrant and energetic mood to your interiors. It’s a great way to add contrast, emphasize details, and give a warm feel to your interior.

If a lot of red in one room isn’t your cup of tea; there are other ways to implement the colour more subtly. Saturated shades, especially used as accents help to bring character to the space, without being too overpowering.

If it’s good enough for the queen, it’s good enough for me!

Most metal poles in either a brass or chrome finish work well… even the darker metals sit brilliantly with Red. The Dimensions Range from Renaissance features poles in 7 metal finish options that we think work perfectly – pictured here is our Dimensions Contemporary 28mm Pole Set with the clear crystal cut diamond finial; a classy combination for sure!

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